Loose Green Tea

Loose / Bulk Green Tea | Peng Xiang Loose Green Tea Leaves Green Tea Dust

Loose / Bulk Green Tea | Peng Xiang Loose Green Tea Leaves Green Tea Dust

The Zinc-selenium Green Tea of Peng Xiang brand was produced in Xixiang of Shaanxi province which was known as one of the famous place for producing Chinese tea and located in the south of Qinling and north of Bashan mountains. Xixiang has suitable environment for growing tea due to the dense forest, moderate moisture weather and the fertile soil which including slightly acidic, high organic matter content soil. It has a long history of tea production, starting from Qin and Han Dynasty and flourishing in Tang Dynasty, and it had been consecrate to the palace as “local tribute”. It appearances strips looks tight and flat, embellish of green color and lustre, lasting fragrance, taste great, brilliant yellow tea soup and leaves.

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Loose / Bulk  Green Tea | Peng Xiang Loose Green  Tea Leaves Green Tea Dust

Details of Products:

Product Name: Loose Green Tea Leaves Dust   Ingredients : Fresh Tea

Grade: Boutique, Special, First, Second           

Origin: Xixiang County of Shaanxi Province

Storage Conditions: Please keep in clean, ventilated, dark and sealed places,avoid special smell

Expiration Date: 18 months                    

Net Weight: Customized

Company Name: Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea  Corp., Ltd.

Company Address: Food Processing Industrial Park in Xixiang County, Han Zhong City of Shaanxi Province, China.


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Green tea is processed and grown in a variety of ways, depending on the type of green tea desired. The first flush takes place in late April to early May. The second harvest usually takes place from June through July, and the third picking takes place in late July to early August. Sometimes, there will also be the fourth harvest. It is the first flush in the spring that brings the best-quality leaves, with higher prices to match. Peng Xiang Loose Green Tea Dust is a kind of green tea which is named according to different processing methods as similar as sunning tea, steaming tea, baking tea, traditional tea which also called the stir fixation tea base because of the drying methods of roasting. The Green Tea Dust is the cutting of  Zinc Selenium Green Tea in small pieces,which raw material all from the organic fresh tea.


The Loose Green Tea is widely used in the tea drinking and related products research, and warmly welcome by the customer who interesting tea taste drinks.

Peng Xiang Loose Green Tea Dust is a kind nourishment rich in zinc and selenium micro-nutrient, with the function of antiviral, quench cooling, refreshing,detoxification diuresis, except the greasy product, weight loss, beautify the feature,raise color, lipid-lowering buck, anti-cancer anti-cancer effect and so on. Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products in the tea dust have excellent resistance to radiation function, can absorb the radioactive materials, preventing its spread in the body, known as a natural uv filters.Tea polyphenols as a means of adjuvant therapy, can effectively maintain the stability of the white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin level;Improve the adverse reactions caused by radiation and chemotherapy;Effectively relieve ray weight to the cells of bone marrow inhibition;To effectively reduce the radiation and chemotherapy drugs inhibitory effect on the body's immune system.




The general package is paper boxes, we can also accepted the customer required package for the products, and we can supply the OEM order to customers if you need.


Welcome to wholesale the high quality loose / bulk green tea | peng xiang loose green tea leaves green tea dust with competitive price from our professional suppliers. The health benefits of the organic tea products have already been proved by our customers. Please rest assured to buy our products for sale.

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