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1. Jin Peng Tea House Founded in Han Zhong City on October, 2001.

2. Shaanxi Pengxiang Tea Co., Ltd was registered in March, 2003.

3. The company was awarded as “The largest model company of science and technology” in November, 2004.

4. The company was awarded as "The good faith construction company" and "The consumer trust company" in March, 2006.

5. The company was identified as "The key leading enterprise of industrialization of agriculture of Han Zhong city " in November,2006.

6. The Black Tea Research Institution of Han Zhong, The CEO of Peng Xiang Tea Assume the Institute director.

7. The company got the certification of  ISO9001-2000 from quality management system and the Peng Xiang Green Tea get the certification of  organic product in August, 2008.

8. The company passed the certification of HACCP from food safety management system in December, 2009.

9. PengXiang green tea was awarded as "The brand-name products of shaanxi province"  by the government in Shaanxi on January, 2010.

10. The company granted as “ One of the top ten tea companies in 2010 of Shaanxi” by the tea association and marketing cooperative head office of Shaanxi in April, 2011.

11. The Han Zhong Xian Hao of Peng Xiang brand won “the famous green tea quality evaluation in An Kang city of Shaanxi” in September 2011.

12. The company was awarded as “The superior model company of science and technology” in April, 2015.

13. The Branches of Peng Xiang was founded in Xi’an, which named as “Shaanxi Da Qin Electrical Commercial Co., Ltd” in June, 2015.

14. PengXiang tea passed the export inspection and registered for the export right and export 9375 kilograms tea to Malaysia successfully, which break through the zero export condition of the tea in Shaanxi on June, 2015.

15. The Han Jia Black Tea of Peng Xiang awarded” the Gold prize of Internation Tea Abundant of Beijing in China “ on November,2015.

16. The Peng Xiang Group get the organic certification of tea from EU in December,2015.

17. PengXiang group officially launched to appear in the market by National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and start it road of production and financing on January, 2016.

18. Peng Xiang Passed the Food and Drug Administration certificates on 9th January, 2017.