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The Function of Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea​

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2017

  The Function of Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea 

       Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea  is a kind nourishment rich in zinc and selenium micro-nutrient, with the function of antiviral, quench cooling, refreshing,detoxification diuresis, except the greasy product, weight loss, beautify the feature,raise color, lipid-lowering buck, anti-cancer anti-cancer effect and so on.

       Long-term drinking Han Zhong Xian Hao can supply the necessary vitamins and heighten the resistance and immunity of human body, this tea has the function of detoxification antioxidant base on the tremendous amount of antioxidant flavonoids, theanine, and other materials. Drinking green tea frequently everyday will scattered wastes in the body, which has good prevention effect to disease by making the intestinal smooth.

Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea

Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea

Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea

      Han Zhong Xian Hao could increase an anti-inflammatory effect, because of the catechins, daily alcohol and other composition from the tea. The function of anti-inflammatory drugs is improved as long as take it while drinking the Han Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea with 5% concentration.These ingredients also has the very strong function of antibacterial and antimicrobial.

      Han Zhong Xian Hao could help the improve digestion, and relieve acute diarrhea caused by bacteria. Han Zhong Xian Hao also has the function of the slimming, The people who always close to paint, computer can drink more green tea, so does the one who smoking and drinking alcohol frequently. For the old man, it will be best choose to brewing tea with cold boiled water, which could lower the “three highs”(hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia).

      Experimental results shows that the Han Zhong Xian Hao has the function of resistance radiation damage to human body, which protect the modern people from the radiation that comes from using electric products such as mobile phone, computers, television and the modern weapons of war destruction. Therefore, Han Zhong Xian Hao was named as “ The tea of prevention disease” and “ The good medicine of treat disease”. Some nutritionists metaphor Han Zhong Xian Hao as"green gold", while some foreign experts said that the green tea is the most popular green health drinks in the 21st century all over the world.