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How to Make A Cup of Han Jia Black Tea

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2017

1.Prepare the Tea.

   You need to prepare 4g dry tea before brewing cup of Chinese Han Jia black tea, the taste light people can take into the consideration to reduce.

Han Jia Black Tea

2.Choose Good Water.

   The best choice should be the mineral water in the market and nature water. Tap water in home should be setting in container for one night, boiling it after the Chlorine gas disappeared.


3.Good Tea Set.

   Choose the high quality tea set is very important. The taste of the Han Jia Black Tea will be difference if you choose different kind cup such as the elegant cups, purple sand teapot, glass cups. Put the tea into the cup, divide the tea and tea leaves after the brewing, slowly poured out the tea to each small tea cup from the tea set, which will be available to drink.

Han Jia Black Tea


4.Suitable Temperature.

    First, place the water about 5 minutes or put into the cold glass cup until the temperature of the water around 85℃. Then, practice medicine high blunt which could make the aroma of the totally released in hot water.


5.Right Time.

   The brewing time of the Han Jia Black Tea is quite different base on the tenderness and pick season difference.Generally put the tea into the water still brewing for 20-30 seconds. The time will be prolong 5 seconds each time once brewing the tea again. The taste of the tea will still be stay and make people to aftertaste after brewing it 5 times.


6.Well stockpile.

   Sealing preservation in normal temperature. Expiry date for three years (36 months). The taste will be better if you brewing it overyear.

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