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The Brewing Methods of Han Jia Black Tea

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

The Han Jia Black Tea of Peng Xiang brand tea is the treasure of Kungfu black teawhich is rich in Zinc and Selenium. It appears beautiful and good clarity, the tea soup looks brilliant red with the bright gold ring  aroma cell, lasting fresh, taste great, sweet and refreshing.


Enjoy a cup of Han Jia Black Tea need the following condition:

Han Jia Black Tea

First, choose good environment where is elegant, quiet and refined, invite two or three friends to tasting it meditatively.

Second,choose the good tea.

Third,choose good water. The best choice should be the mineral water in the market and nature water.

Fourth, choose the tea set. The best choice of the Han Jia Black Tea is glass cup or tea china, not dixie cup or plastic cup.


1. Warm teacup.  

  Pour into the hot water until one thirds full,then throw the water out of the teapot. It can warm up the teacup, which may help the fragrant of tea sending out.

2. Prepare the Tea.

   Han Jia Black Tea appears beautiful and symmetry, strips looks tight and flat, good tips, embellish of black color and lustre. Prepare 4g dry tea and shaking gently, the tea unique honey fragrance overflow.

Han Jia Black Tea

3. Wash the Tea.

  Put the water that around 85 ℃ along the cup wall into the glass cup about one thirds full, the unique honey tea fragrance lasting after shaking for 3 to 5 turns to water.

4. Brewing the Tea.

  Put the water along the cup wall until four fifths full, and the tea can be enjoy after waiting for 30 seconds.

5.Tea Soup.

Pour out the tea soup, and appreciate the tea soup brilliant red with the bright gold ring, the Tea soup taste great, sweet and refreshing, the fragrance lasting aftertaste, taste it slowly, thinking be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts, forget worry, wash away moods.

Han Jia Black Tea