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The Brief Introduction of Xi xiang county

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: May 26, 2017

The most beautiful tea county in south west of China called Xi xiang tea country located in the north of Qin Ling , south of Ba Shan. It has the mild climate, abundant rainfall with the appropriate tea planting environment “rain wash mountain make the season like the spring all the time”, the soil which rich in natural zinc and selenium.299649049355914378.jpg

During the early March in every year, there are more than 6000 acres tea plantations as a big green garden in Xi Xiang county while the famous Peng Xiang Green Tea just finished their first pot green tea production, which attract more and more customers and tea lovers come to here to enjoy plucking tea, making tea, enjoying tea, buying tea. Tea make the people back into a grand festival.


The company has multiple organic tea garden. In order to guarantee the quality of the products, we elaborate manage the tea plantations by the guide of scientific , effectively protect the tea garden soil, fertilizers pesticides is strictly prohibited.  


The biggest characteristic of Peng Xiang green tea is organic tea, the tea garden of Peng Xiang Tea is Willow Town Feng He Organic Tea Demonstration Garden is located in Feng He village willow town of Xi Xiang county , owned more than 650 acres of tea plant.

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