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The Customer Feedback from Netherlands

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2017

A few months ago I was asked by a Chinese tea company if I wanted to test their tea and a blog wanted to write about. As a thank you I would get more exclusive tea bags from their. Well I did not so very long to think about it, as a tea lover and collector of teabags this was grist to my mill.

There was only a small bummer in this story, which was the delivery from China to Netherlands.

Far before Christmas package was sent to me and would probably also have been before Christmas, unfortunately I did not get a track & trace code to follow, but I assumed that this all would be well.

In mid-January anyway once contacted Julia the from Shaanxi Peng Xiang Co. Ltd. and she could tell me that my package had been in the Netherlands, but was again sent back to China. She would try again then.

In early March, I get another email that has been sent and now with track & trace, track and anyway package was still in a carrier in China until I read at one time package that day has arrived in the Netherlands. Beautiful it will probably be with me within days. To my surprise the same day already comes. Track & trace via China Mail is not completely waterproof. But is irrelevant, because the package is in and of course what counts.

Last Saturday I therefore started drinking this tea. The first one I test is the Han Royal Black Tea, black tea, the tea is packaged in a pouch but is loose in the bag. The 4gr is more than enough for two large cups of tea. Tea still let equally tasty and gives a wonderful robust flavor. Recommended!

The second that I'm tasting the Rose Black Tea, the mere opening of the bag is a party, because the sweetness comes towards you. Because the manual is in Chinese, I can not figure out how long it should take this bag. Since I am also a true tea flavor will taste I go for 5 minutes, my glass is now equipped with a beautiful amber tea, which smells delicious and the coffee is really fantastic.

The strong prevailing sweetness, this pouch is also fine to use to hang out in a cellar in order to spread the fragrance.


The next I drink the Rose Green Tea, almost equivalent bag but when you open you are right that it is a green tea. Unfortunately, green tea is not my preference, taste pleases me less than black tea. Did this bag let four minutes, in slightly chilled water, then tea also let cool slightly. Fine to drink and the sweetness and flavor predominates in the tea. For me therefore a welcome change.

The following is theHan Zhong Xian Hao Green Tea , a light green tea. Did this tea again let four minutes in slightly cooled water. They are not leaves but it looks more like small sticks. It would work for rapid fat loss and as anticancer tea. You should think myself believe. Perhaps I would drink it more often if I believe in one of these properties but drink because it tastes good, no not.

The tea has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Then my expectations time for the Zinc and Selenium Green Tea is were not really running high as I did the previous not really good, but what a difference, this is a soft green tea draw after four minutes incredibly tasty drink away. No aftertaste and cooled firmly he is very nice, great thirst quencher time hot summer days.

The last one I'm going to taste a green tea. Also on this bag is not to read how long it should take, now choose six minutes, perhaps he is stronger. For black tea, you can see that it gets stronger the longer allow drawing the tea and the color is also darker, unfortunately this is not the case with green tea. The tea I let then cool to very warm. Why? I'm more of black tea but the experience of recent days that green tea is an excellent thirst quencher in hot weather, but you have to drink it then cooled considerably. Delicious tea and from now on I will often drink green tea, but only lukewarm and for relaxation instead of water.

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