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The Origin of Fresh Tea is the Most Important Things

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2017

Organic tea choose the good tea that planting need to choose the beautiful place which located in gentle slope field with fresh air,abundant water, dense fores.

The tea planting and processing factory all should far away from the pollution

The management and maintenance of tea planting should be carefully and in time.

Weeding appropriate way should be by artificial or weeding machine to weeding.


Fertilization should be farmyard manure,marsh fertilizer is the best choice for improve the quality of tea.

The finalize clip to be in place twice each year in spring and autum, which can keep the quality of the tea planting.

Pest control is the long-term work of tea plantation management,it is best to make the natural biological chain,develop pest predators, traping by yellow plate,insecticidal lamp to kill the pest and so on. That's the general mothods widely used in organic tea planting.