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The Primary Processing Making Tea Craft of Traditional Tea

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 15, 2017

Traditional tea is a kind of green tea which is named according to different processing methods as similar as sunning tea, steaming tea, baking tea, roasting tea.

Han Zhong Green Tea generally choose the roasting methods. The processing of traditional tea can be divide into four parts: stand out, fixation, rolling, drying.

Stand Out :

After pick up the fresh tea, stand out in clean baboo mat and gauze about 4-6 hours to send out some water in fresh tea, and wipe off the grass smelling of the fresh tea.


The main aim for fixation is mainly including

First, to totally destroyed the enzyme activity in fresh tea,and to stop of enzymatic oxidation of polyphenol compounds to get the color,fragent,and taste which green tea already had; 

Second,wipe off the grass smelling of green tea, and develop the fragment of tea.

照片 001.jpg

Third, kill the bacteria and guarantee the safety of tea by high temperature fixation more than 260℃. The key point is the fixation temperature. The scorch leaf and taste will be appear and broken in rolling if the temperature is over high. It will be red stain and harsh to the taste if the temperature is lower.


Rolling is to destoryed the cell of tea by exogenous process to make some tea liquor overflowing outside surface of the tea, to improve the concentration of tea taste while shape the tea appearance. Rolling generally should be 40-60 minutes.



The main aim of drying is to evaporate the water in tea,tidy appearance, and sufficient put the tea perfume out. Drying generally need 3-4 times, each time 15-40 mintues different. The tea should be stand out about 50 mintues before to drying each time.

It takes about 14 hours to finish the whole primary processing tea making.