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The Tea​ Refining Process Crafts

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2017

After all the tea finish the primary processing,need to do the refining processing.

The refining processing including blending, air classification,sieving,color sorting,sorting, hand carefully chosen,enhance fragment, package, and store in fresh and so on crafts, in order to make the tea reach to the aim of shape size silimar, colour and lustre is consistent, clean and tidy, and make the products reach to standardization.


Make the primary tea in different batches for uniform mixing, so to make the quality of tea uniform, and outside apperance looks same.

Air classification

Make the different weight tea separation by control the wind-force, while make the yellow tea leaf, old tea leaf, and small tea dust separation, improve the cleanliness of tea.

psb (1).jpg


Make the different size and shape tea separation, which will made tea appearance uniform.


Color sorting

The tea light out different color by photoelectric technology, and separate the tea stem, and tea bar, and make the tea colour and lustre is consistent.


Sorting the broken tea, tea stem, and tea bar deeply, improve the tea formation.

Hand Carefully Chosen

The broken tea, yellow leaf, burnt tea, tea stem which can not separated after above processing, then choose by hands carefully to make the cleanliness of the tea.


Enhance fragment

The tea absorving the water and peculiar smell after above processing crafts, and improve the tea quality by improving the temperature.


Use the stainless steel ware to automatically weight, packaging, stealing to make the weight accurately, and avoid the hand touch the tea, and improve the sanitary standard.

Store in Fresh

The finished product tea and half finished tea all should keep in 0℃-5℃ low temperature, so to guarantee  tea fresh and the quality of tea. Tracking the examination is crossing the whole processing tea making and refining processing. 

Each step need the inspection personnel inspect carefully,and guaranteed the tea quality.