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Types of Black Tea

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Most commercially available black teas are blends of black teas from several (or many) origins. Popular black tea blends include English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Afternoon Tea, Chinese Black Tea.
Many black tea blends are flavored with fruit,different flowers or spices. Classic flavored black tea blends include Earl Grey (which is flavored with bergamot essential oil or citrus flavor), Masala Chai (which is blended with various spices) Han Jia Black Tea ( looks beautiful and symmetry, strips looks tight and flat, good tips, embellish of black color and lustre, good clarity, the tea soup looks brilliant red with the bright gold ring or “cream down” which called curding phenomenon, aroma cell, lasting fresh, taste great, sweet and refreshing)and fruit- or flower-scented black teas (such as Rose Black Tea, Lichee Black Tea and Apple Black Tea , all of which originated in China).


In recent years, many tea companies have started to offer more exotic and non-traditional black tea blends. These may include flavors like chocolate or vanilla (often placing them in the category ofdessert teas), wood or smoke (as found in teas like Lapsang Souchong and Russian Caravan), tropical fruits, warming spices and dried herbs (such as mint or lavender).


In addition to blended teas, black teas are also sold by their origin. These teas may be blends of teas from a particular region (such as a Darjeeling tea blend or an Assam tea blend) or they may be single-origin teas (such as a Darjeeling first flush black tea or Darjeeling second flush black tea from a single estate or a Keemun black tea from a particular farm). For more information on single-estate / single-origin black teas, see "Black Tea Origins" below.


Black tea may be comprised of machine-processed CTC tea (which infuses quickly and is usually enjoyed with milk and sugar), hand-picked orthodox tea, loose-leaf tea or dust and fannings.