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The Aerial View Video Of Peng Xiang Tea Garden Transcribe By The State TV Broadcaster

Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2017

The most beautiful tea village vedio transcribe group of State TV Broadcaster  already arrive in the Peng Xiang Tea Garden


The tea garden of Peng Xiang located in longitude (N32°32’-33°14’, E107°15’ – 108°15’), the one of most beautiful Tea County named Xixiang county which located in the north of Qin Ling , south of Ba Shan, the eastern of Han Zhong basin. It is the most suitable place for human habitation in same longitude.


Xixiang tea garden mainly located in the mountain slope that more than 800m altitude, and the soild which is rich with trace elements that beneficial to human body such as zinc, selenium and so on. It is the best place for tea growing which has a long history of tea production, starting from Qin and Han Dynasty and flourishing in Tang Song Dynasty.


Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Corp., Ltd were growing in this magic land, which was founded in 2003, is an innovative tea enterprise and the key leading enterprise of agriculture industrialization enterprise.The company now had the organic tea garden more than 650 acres,radiating 6500 acres of tea garden planting, rely on the 26 thousands acres tea planting in south of Shaanxi.